Are you new to opera? Great! You might have some questions about what to expect at one of our performances, so here is a quick introduction to opera and what you can look forward to!

Supertitles: All Edmonton Opera performances feature projected English translations. Whether the opera is in French, Italian, German, or even English, you will be able to follow along by reading a supertitle screen above the stage.

What to look forward to: Gorgeous music performed live by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, powerful unamplified singing by renowned Canadian and international artists, stories filled with drama and passion, elaborate sets and costumes… the list goes on! Going to the opera can be a breathtaking and thoroughly entertaining night out.

More about opera: Opera is a unique style of theatre that combines poetic language (libretto) with orchestral music (score). It usually involves an easy-to-follow plot that allows the music to take centre stage and singers to express emotion through their voice. Compared to other art forms, opera is fairly new — it became popular in 17th century Italy and soon spread across Europe. Operas were written in Italian, French, German, Russian, English, and other languages. Some famous composers of opera are Verdi, Puccini, Wagner, Bizet, Rossini, and Mozart.

Synopsis: At every performance, you may pick up a free program that gives you a detailed synopsis of the opera. Reading the synopsis helps you get a general idea of the plot, so you can focus more on enjoying the music and singing. 

Applause: We encourage you to applaud, whistle, yell “Bravo!” (men), "Brava!" (women) when you love something, typically after an aria (solo) or duet has concluded.

Get social: Post photos and tweets of yourself at the opera for everyone to see! Tag us @edmontonopera on all platforms – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram along with the show hashtag. You can take photos at our complimentary photo booth, which will be shared on our Facebook page after the performance. 

Suitable for kids? Going to the opera can be a very exciting experience for children and helps them gain an appreciation of the performing arts, which is why we offer special $20 youth pricing (17 and under) for any seat in the theatre. Some operas, however, deal with mature themes. You may call our box office at 780.429.1000 to ask if a particular opera might be suitable for your child.

Now that you're ready to go to the opera, see the Plan Your Visit page for tips on planning your night out!