The plot of Don Giovanni in a minute:

Don Giovanni is a nobleman who travels far and wide with his atendant Leporello and seduces several women along the way. One night, when he leaves the bedroom of soon-to-be-married Donna Anna, her father catches Giovanni and challenges him to a duel. Giovanni kills the old man and runs off. Anna and her fiancé Don Ottavio swear to have their revenge on this deceptive stranger.

As Don Giovanni tries to seduce newlywed Zerlina, his past catches up with him when jilted ex-lover Donna Elvira starts to sabotage his every move. She teams up with Anna, Ottavio, and Zerlina's husband Masetto to teach Giovanni a lesson, which forces him to make a run for it. While on the run, Giovanni is confronted by the ghost of Anna's father. In jest, Giovanni invites the ghost to his house for dinner — to his surprise, the ghost actually does attend. The gates of hell open up and swallow a defiant Don Giovanni, sentencing him to eternal punishment for his immorality.  

Detailed synopsis:

Act One

Outside the Commendatore's house at night, Leporello grumbles about his duties as servant to Don Giovanni, a nobleman. Soon Giovanni appears from the house, being chased by Donna Anna, the soon-to-be-married woman he has tried to force himself on. The Commendatore (Anna's father) enters and challenges Giovanni to a duel. Giovanni kills the old man and runs away.

Anna enters with fiancé Don Ottavio and discovers the Commendatore's dead body. Beside herself with grief, she makes Ottavio swear vengeance on the mysterious man who killed her father.

Giovanni is now outside a bar flirting with a beautiful woman. She turns out to be Donna Elvira, a woman he had previously seduced and who was now following him around. Leporello creates a distraction by talking to Elvira about the thousands of women his boss had 'conquered' while Giovanni makes a prompt escape.

Giovanni arrives at a party where people are celebrating the wedding of Zerlina and Masetto, a young peasant couple. Giovanni flirts with the bride and angers Masetto, who is quickly taken away by Leporello. Now alone with Zerlina, Giovanni turns on the charm. Elvira, however, charges into the scene and exposes his lying ways to Zerlina.

Anna and Ottavio have a chance encounter with Giovanni, who predictably begins to flirt with Anna. Elvira returns and denounces Giovanni as a cheat once again, but Giovanni declares her a madwoman and leads her away. Left alone, Anna recognizes Giovanni's voice — this was the man who assaulted her and then killed her father.

Don Giovanni throws a party for Zerlina and Masetto and gets copiously drunk. Zerlina apologizes to her husband for being drawn to Giovanni. Anna, Ottavio, and Elvira arrive at the party as Giovanni manages to isolate Zerlina. Her cries for help bring everyone to the scene and Ottavio confronts Giovanni. Though he tries to blame Leporello, Giovanni convinces no one and is forced to make a run for it. 


Act Two

Outside Elvira's house, Don Giovanni and Leporello exchange clothes and Leporello woos Elvira. Giovanni is now free to charm Elvira's maid. But an angry mob led by Masetto soon arrives looking for the villain. Giovanni, dressed as Leporello, points them in the wrong direction. He then isolates Masetto and beats him up. Zerlina arrives and comforts her distressed husband.

Leporello and Elvira are alone together when Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina, and Masetto show up and threaten Leporello (thinking he is Giovanni). Leporello flees, leaving Elvira feeling betrayed again. 

Don Giovanni is at a cemetery. Leporello rushes in and they change back to their own clothes. Suddenly, a statue of the Commendatore at the cemetery begins to talk: it warns Giovanni of his impending doom. Giovanni brushes it off and even invites the ghostly statue to dinner at his house. The ghost accepts.

Anna is still mourning her father's death. She wants to delay her marriage to Ottavio until Giovanni is brought to justice.

At Giovanni's house, dinnertime is interrupted by Elvira coming in and trying to convince him to change for the better. Giovanni dismisses her. As Elvira exits, her screams are heard, announcing the arrival of the Commendatore's ghostly statue.

The statue orders Don Giovanni to repent, but he defies the supernatural force. As a result, the entire house is set ablaze and the gates to hell open up, sending Giovanni into the pit of eternal suffering and damnation.