A bite-sized plot of Hansel & Gretel

With no food left at home, Hansel and Gretel's mother sends them into the dark forest to fetch some berries, not knowing that a Witch is waiting there to feast on the children. The Witch lures Hansel and Gretel into her gingerbread house with the promise of delicious treats, but they soon figure out her evil plans. With some quick thinking, they trick the Witch and throw her in the oven. Hansel and Gretel escape and reunite with their parents.

Detailed synopsis


Hansel and Gretel are at home. Both are extremely hungry and waiting for Mother to arrive so they can finally have something to eat. Gretel reveals some milk that was given to their family by a neighbour. To avoid temptation, brother and sister start dancing.

Mother comes home. As she scolds her children for not getting any work done while she was away, Mother accidentally spills the milk that was going to be their supper. Furious, she sends Hansel and Gretel out into the forest to pick strawberries.

Father comes home drunk, which angers Mother. But she cheers up immediately when he shows her all the groceries he has brought for supper. Father asks where the children are and Mother says they have gone to the woods. Horrified, he tells her about the Witch who lives there. Realizing their children are in danger, Mother and Father rush into the forest to save them.


Hansel is picking strawberries while Gretel looks on. They hear a cuckoo singing and begin to eat the strawberries, soon finishing the entire lot. The forest grows eerily quiet and Hansel realizes they are lost. Both children are very frightened.

The Sandman arrives and sprinkles sand over the children’s eyes, making them drowsy. Hansel and Gretel say a prayer before they sleep. In their dreams, fourteen angels appear. 


The Dew Fairy wakes the children. They see a gingerbread house and are tempted to have a taste. The Witch appears and invites them in, promising lots of delicious treats. She says Hansel needs to be fed and fattened up. 

When the children try to escape, the Witch casts a spell on Hansel. She then asks Gretel to check on the oven, planning to throw her in when the door is open. Gretel pretends like she has no idea how to work an oven and asks the Witch to show her. As the Witch opens the oven, Hansel and Gretel push her in and shut the door. 

The gingerbread children come back to life. Mother and Father are reunited with Hansel and Gretel. Everyone gives thanks for a happy ending!