Barber of Seville

An opera plot that requires a few close shaves to get the girl, Rossini's familiar music is set on a movie studio backlot. Under the assumed name of Lindoro, Almaviva hopes to win the heart of the film star Rosina, but he must first contend with the movie studio owner Bartolo, who also hopes to marry Rosina. Luckily, the meddlesome hairstylist Figaro provides plenty of distraction to make sure the girl ends up with the right guy.

No Tenors Allowed

Jointly presented by the Edmonton Opera and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, No Tenors Allowed features the Edmonton Opera chorus and three outstanding guest baritone singers — Gordon Bitner, Elliot Madore and Phllipe Sly. Conducted by Bill Eddins, the program will include prominent works that will engage a wide variety of audience members.


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