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* Resources for Long-term Stability *

Edmonton Opera's mission — to produce consistently first-rate opera productions — needs the support of a permanent Endowment Fund to provide artistic flexibility and long-term stability. With assistance from generous donors like you, we have been working steadily to build these Endowment Funds, held by Edmonton Community Foundation.


Our target is Endowment Funds of at least $10 million, to enable Edmonton Opera to stage productions which will expand the company’s repertoire and audiences. From a fund of under $500,000 in 2003, we now have an Endowment Fund nearing $4 million that is already providing important extra annual income.


  • Charitable gifts are tax-deductible, and endowment gifts will have a lasting impact on Edmonton Opera.
  • Donors making outright gifts now can see the impact of their gift during their lifetime, and know that this gift to Edmonton Opera’s endowment will provide support year after year, forever.
  • Donors can establish their own named fund at ECF for Edmonton Opera. 
  • In-kind gifts of appreciated securities or stock options are free from capital gains tax, and such gifts are tax-deductible as well.


We must keep building the Endowment Funds each year to achieve our long-term goal of added artistic flexibility and stability for Edmonton Opera. We have great momentum on this project, so we should all give ourselves an enthusiastic “pat on the back” and keep this momentum going. Your generosity is creating a perpetual legacy that will inspire others to join in our efforts on behalf of Edmonton Opera. Thank you for your leadership.

So please make a donation to the Endowment Funds at Edmonton Opera. To make your gift immediately by credit card, please contact the box office at 780.429.1000, and for further information please contact Gwen Horvath, Director of Fund Development, at 780.392.7837, or gwen.horvath@edmontonopera.com.

Thank you from all of us,

Francis Price
Chair, Edmonton Opera Endowment Funds Committee