Puccini’s epic final masterpiece

From the moment Calaf sees Turandot, he is consumed with love. To melt this princess’s icy heart, however, Calaf must answer three impossible riddles — or face execution. Will his passion triumph, or will Calaf lose everything in the fatal gamble of love?

Ontario-born soprano Othalie Graham debuts on the Canadian stage in her signature role of Turandot, and tenor David Pomeroy wears his heart on his sleeve as Calaf. Experience the timeless operatic blockbuster, set in mythical China, with lavish scenery, costumes, and unforgettable music!

Edmonton Opera's Turandot. Photos by Nanc Price.


October 22, 25 & 27, 2016 • Jubilee Auditorium

Sung in Italian with projected English translation
Featuring the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Production sponsored by Francis Price & Marguerite Trussler
Opening night sponsor:

Conducted by David Stern • Directed by Robert Herriot
Scenery and Costumes by Allen Charles Klein • Lighting Design by Barry Steele
Originating Director: Bliss Hebert



Othalie Graham


David Pomeroy


Michele Capalbo


Giles Tomkins


Geoffrey Sirett


James McLennan


Christopher Mayell


Dion Mazerolle

Emperor AltoumMatthew Bruce

Featuring the Edmonton Opera Chorus sponsored by ATB Financial. 

Join us for complimentary Opera Talks in the lower level Kaasa lobby 45 minutes before the show. Learn all about Puccini's music and his final opera, Turandot!

What makes Turandot a timeless story of all-conquering love? Read the one-minute synopsis

Watch the teaser of Turandot!

Watch director Rob Herriot talk about the lavish scenery, powerful music, and impeccable singing that make Turandot a must-see opera!