An intense psychological thriller

"[Elektra is] a gripping 100 minutes of musical theatre" — Edmonton Journal

"Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs stars as the titular character, with a powerful soprano and psychological realism... Blancke-Biggs makes [Elektra] not only believable, but sympathetic. Rather than writing off the axe-wielding heroine as another crazy woman, the audience is drawn into her twisted psychology." — The Gateway

"[Conductor Alexander Prior] not only paced the opera very effectively, but secured some wonderfully powerful and taut playing from the orchestra in a score that is beyond their normal comfort zone" — Edmonton Journal

Upon his return from the Trojan war, king Agamemnon is murdered by his wife Klytämnestra in cold blood. Their daughter, Elektra, cannot contain her fury and begins obsessively plotting revenge on her mother. Based on an ancient Greek myth, Elektra explores the psychological turmoil of its protagonist as her dark mind begins to unravel until, in a horrifying climax, Elektra’s fragile world shatters completely.

Visionary composer Strauss creates one of opera’s most chilling scores in Elektra, which British sensation Alexander Prior conducts in his Edmonton Opera debut. Soprano Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs takes on the demanding role of Elektra, promising a powerful and haunting performance. Director Michael Cavanagh reimagines the mythological world of this opera in a dystopian future, featuring post-apocalyptic costumes and scenic design.

Read the Edmonton Journal review and The Gateway review. 

Costumes designed by Deanna Finnman

Elektra photos by Nanc Price

March 11, 14 & 16, 2017 • Jubilee Auditorium

Sung in German with projected English Translation
Featuring the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Approximate running time: 100 minutes with no intermission
Alberta Premiere

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Conducted by Alexander Prior • Directed by Michael Cavanagh
Costume Design by Deanna Finnman • Scenery Design by Edmonton Opera • Lighting Design by David Fraser



Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs


Catherine Daniel


Tracy Cantin


Geoffrey Sirett


Daniel Brenna

Orest’s Tutor

Giles Tomkins

First Maid

Catherine Daniel

Second Maid

Whitney Sloan

Third Maid

Stephanie Tritchew

Fourth Maid

Laura Albino

Fifth Maid

Tanya Roberts

Old Slave

Aaron Dimoff


Aidan Ferguson

Barbara King
Young Servant/ Aegisth understudy
Robert Clark
Train BearerLaurelle Jade Froese















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Join us for complimentary Opera Talks in the lower level Kaasa lobby 45 minutes before the show. Learn all about Elektra's music, mythology, and more!

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CTV's Jordan Hertner visited a rehearsal of Elektra and even joined the cast! Watch this fun segment including an interview with director Michael Cavanagh.

New chief conductor of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Alex Prior makes his EO debut with Elektra, an opera he describes as "visceral and transformative." Watch an exclusive interview with Prior below!

Listen to this musical snippet from the finale of Elektra to experience the immense dramatic power of Strauss's composition!


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