Soft Goods

Edmonton Opera has a wide selection of soft goods used in various productions.

Please note that all of Edmonton Opera's soft goods are designed for use in the Jubilee Auditorium and may simply be too large for other venues.

Soft goods available for rent:

  • 5 panels of white sheers, each at 18’W x 36’ H
    2 panels of gold shimmer curtain, each at 31’W x 33’H
    Burgundy Framed Portal: Legs, border & valance total at 60’W x 33’ H

  • Red Scrim
  • 40' Black Velour Legs
  • Pit Scrim
  • Small Snow bag
  • Large Snow bag
  • Sky Drop (scrim)
  • Sky Line Drop (scrim)

    Sky Line Drop (scrim)


Please contact us for rates and availability.