Production Facility Space Rentals

Edmonton Opera production facility

  • 22,500-sq-ft  facility for the construction of scenery, properties, wardrobe and storage
  • 3,500-sq-ft costume shop complete with laundry facilities
  • 1 wood-floored fit-up bay at 49'D x 100'W x 21'H clear span
  • 1 concrete-floored fit-up area at 49'D x 79'W x 21'H clear span

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  • Three full-time facility staff: Head Scenic Carpenter, Head Scenic Art/Properties and Head Wardrobe
  • Low facility overhead reduces build costs
  • 30 minutes from Edmonton International Airport
  • Not connected to rehearsal space to reduce problems caused by construction noise and dust

Construction Options:

  • Project from design drawings to fully/partially built and finished
  • From construction drawings to fully/partially built and finished
  • Components or individual units
  • Bring your own crew (union or non-union) and rent space only (entire space or just needed space)

Building in Alberta:

  • No provincial sales tax.
  • Skilled I.A.T.S.E. Local 210 members. Low cost of living in Alberta equals reduced labour costs.
  • Easily accessible to materials.
  • Close to major trucking routes.

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