Edmonton Opera Chorus

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EO chorus at the Valentine's Gala

In one way, shape or form, choruses with Edmonton Opera have been a part of the arts community since 1963. Choruses are integral to most operas, and Edmonton Opera's first production of Madama Butterfly would have been no exception. Our chorus members are also active members of the arts community in Edmonton, and frequently participate in Edmonton Opera's outreach initiatives.

"[Director Rob Herriot] varies the mood, from the eastern dance-influenced stylistic gestures of Ping, Pang, and Pong, to the writhing supplications of the populace (some of the best concerted characterization I've seen from the Edmonton Opera chorus)." – Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal

"...the chorus work was perhaps the best I have seen from Edmonton Opera, especially the marvellous dance where they aped Olympia's jerky movements." – Mark Morris, Edmonton Journal

Approximately 60 Edmontonians make up this professional group — some have music degrees, while others are employed in other professions and pursuits, including lawyers, doctors and students. No one is expected to fluently speak any foreign language — learning the language of the opera, including Russian, German, Italian or French, is all part of the rehearsal process.

"...The Prisoners' Chorus at the end of Act 1 was particularly effective. The men relished the chance to uncover their inner wretchedness for the occasion." – William Rankin, The Globe and Mail

All chorus members share a love for the music, for singing and for being part of a large team of people, to bring the grandest form of theatre and music to life on stage. Many members have been part of the chorus for decades, while others are experiencing their first season.